The Melbourne Cup seems to be closing in quick. The Melbourne Cup 2019 date is set for Tuesday 5th November at 3 PM and it will reunite local horse racing enthusiasts and international participants. The event is the most noteworthy gathering of horse racing lovers. With its staggering prize pool worth $7.3 million, the Lexus Melbourne Cup takes a very special place in the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

The day of the event will begin quite promisingly. We will witness ten events, which will cater to our racing preferences in full. The 3,200-metre Lexus Melbourne Cup is most certainly one of the events we are all looking forward to.

If we focus on the attendance of the event, we won’t be disappointed in the slightest. The event has fluctuated in terms of people it has managed to attract, but the numbers always hovered close to 100,000. With so many people present, it’s quite easy to find other horse racing aficionados such as yourself.

The Flemington Racecourse, however, is not just a spot for horse races. As a true cultural festival, you may experience and attend a variety of fashion shows, enjoy music from all over the world, taste the decent food and wash it down with a cold beverage. The event will clearly whet your appetite for good food & drink, but do you also happen to take a punt on the outcome of the race? Let’s work on the Melbourne Cup odds.

Melbourne Cup winner Rekindling
Melbourne Cup winner Rekindling

2019 Melbourne Cup Odds – How to Crunch the Numbers

If you are interested in spotting the best horse & jockey combination, you will definitely have some trouble finding them. Horse races are a venerable sport which is kept in relative secrecy. Both jockeys and horses practise on their own and don’t like letting anyone near their stables. Now, determining your own 2019 Melbourne Cup odds is certainly not an easy task.

You will need to compare your own guesses with what bookmakers think. Horse racing is an even more contentious sport, because the flagship events run less frequently, meaning that everyone is doing their best to win and that you don’t get enough information before a race.

Studying the Basics

While it would be difficult to pinpoint the exact odds to each horse and we can use the bookmakers’ guesses as a basic guide, we can still benefit from the so-called lead-up races. Lead-up races will allow you to study a particular horse & jockey combination and garner additional information to serve you well in your future betting forays.

Of course, betting on the favourites has its benefits. Around 23% of all races, the favourites have managed to finish first and failing that they still were part of the leading three horses in almost 50% of the cases. This gives you a decent estimate of what favourites are capable of. Melbourne Cup 2018 horses are definitely a telling

Building multiple-bets around the horses, in general, is a valid strategy to pursue when betting on horse racing. The Melbourne Cup 2019 Odds will take some crunching. But with a bit of prescience, you may turn a hefty profit.

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